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Create a talent pool of workers and volunteers, book them instantly and precisely.

Corporate, Public, Volunteering, Recruitment. Whatever your sector and whatever your size, Slivers of Time understands the challenges that you, as an employer, face in sourcing the right people quickly and efficiently to deliver your high standards to your customers.

Whether you are a:

  • Head of People at a large employer trying to reduce temp costs or manage a flexible workforce?
  • Recruitment Agency Manager attempting to reduce your annual budget? 
  • Employee CSR manager trying to manage your staff’s volunteer time? 
  • HR Director trying to improve access to flexible and zero hour contract workers?   
  • Local Authority trying to boost employment for those out of work and economically excluded in your area?
  • Local charity CEO with little time and resource to better utilise new volunteers?
  • NHS recruiter under pressure to keep agency costs down, and utilise more volunteers effectively?

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