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The heart and soul of any community is created by people caring about each other. Help Watford become a stronger and better place: volunteer for "a good cause", contribute to a local activity, or share your skills and time through our Timebank.

Many people have free time and want to contribute and be useful.

They have skills and experience  that could be utilised if the opportunity were given. At the heart of Timebank is its value of people and their contributions.

A Timebank is a tool that enables communities to share their skills to support and learn from each other.  Members give an hour of their time and in return receive an hour of another timebanker’s time.

"Bank" your hours by helping or sharing your skills with local people.
"Spend" your hours on one of the many skills on offer, or give them to someone else.


Time exchanges can be in many forms

For example, performing practical tasks like gardening, knitting, sewing, bicycle mechanics, writing letters etc., befriending someone; running errands; teaching skills like languages, hobbies, interests, cooking; sharing food grown in the garden etc.   The possibilities are huge.


What are the benefits?

  • Feeling useful and using your skills;
  • Helping individuals or your community;
  • Helping local charities with their work;
  • Meeting new people and developing friendships;
  • Undertaking activity to improve your CV;
  • Receiving from others and / or learning new skills;
  • "I can" becomes "we can".


What is the Together Timebank?

Our Mission Statement is:

We're working to build our community .  We do this by sharing skills, friendship, socialising and learning together.  Charities also call on us for help.

Our slogan is:

Give an hour, get an hour.

The Together Timebank is Watford's Timebank.  There are over 250 Timebanks across the UK now with 66 known Timebanks in London alone.  Each Timebank is different because it contains different people with different skills and personalities.  Our Together Timebank is vibrant and active, made up of people who want to share their time and skills doing positive activities that make a difference to some one elses day.  We also organise group activities and help charities with their events too.

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