About this job:

The specific requirements of each assignment will vary. The role may include but is not limited to the following tasks:

• Greeting customers who enter the shop
• Be involved in stock control and management
• Assisting shoppers to find the goods and products they are looking for
• Being responsible for processing cash and card payments
• Stocking shelves with merchandise
• Answering queries from customers
• Reporting discrepancies and problems to the supervisor
• Giving advice and guidance on product selection to customers
• Balancing cash registers with receipts
• Dealing with customer refunds
• Dealing with customer complaints
• Working within established guidelines, particularly with brands
• Attaching price tags to merchandise
• Being on the lookout for shoplifters and fraudulent credit cards etc.
• Receiving and storing the delivery of large amounts of stock
• Keeping up to date with special promotions and putting up displays


• Having a friendly and engaging personality
• Comfortable working with members of the public
• Should have a confident manner
• Must be helpful and polite
• Assistants should be physically fit as they will be on their feet for most of the day
• You should have a comprehensive understanding of your area of sales i.e. retail, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, etc.
• Work as part of a team




How to apply:

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