Kitchen Staff

About this job:

The specific requirements of each assignment will vary. The role may include but is not limited to the following tasks:

• Preparing basic food beverages and other snacks or vegetables
• Cooking, serving meals transferring and reconstituting the prepared food
• General duties in dining rooms and kitchen areas, including setting up, washing up and clearing away tables and equipment
• All duties are to be implemented so as to ensure the health, hygiene and safety regulations.
• Carrying out routine inspections of kitchen areas and the making of food beverages
• Perform others tasks and duties allotted properly


There are several skill requirements associated with this role. Some of them are as follows:

• Experience in the work field of catering and also having basic skills in food preparation with hygiene
• To be updated with new products and current promotions
• Efficiency for safe working with kitchen equipment
• Maintaining knowledge with workbooks and in-house training
• Punctual and regular on service
• Courteous approach to all staff
• Must have excellent communication skills to communicate properly and efficiently with the clients and other staff




How to apply:

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