Hospital Volunteer

About this job:

You can do anything from accompanying a patient during surgery, assisting with administration, to showing patients and visitors around the hospital. Other examples of duties may include but are not limited to:

• Ward Visitors; help make patients’ time in hospital more comfortable by chatting, listening, reading, doing a small amount of shopping, running an errand or escorting them on short walks
• Hospital Guides; work across the hospital giving patients and visitors directions and escorting them
• Activity Group Volunteers; help coordinate activities for elderly patients on the wards, such as games, singing and general stimulation
• Day Surgery Assistants; talk and listen to patients who are about to have minor surgery, and sit with them during the procedure
• Meal Assistant Volunteers; assist patients with eating and drinking at mealtimes
• Chaplaincy; Offer spiritual, religious, pastoral and practical support to patients of all beliefs. This is more of a listening and responding role rather than about religion or belief
• Clerical Volunteer; provides clerical and reception support for the requesting department
• Performs filing as requested, makes address/file labels, stuffs envelopes, sorts mail, makes copies on copy machine, and answers phones


• PASSION: You must have passion for the cause. You need to believe that your volunteering makes a difference and the organization you volunteer for is honest and has integrity. With your passion, you can inspire others to take up your cause
• COMMITMENT: To make a difference, to make a change, you need to be committed to the cause. Generally, if you're passionate about a certain cause, you are committed to do anything that's needed to help
• POSITIVE ATTITUDE: You should volunteer with a joyful spirit that reflects a positive attitude, not just a smile on your face but in the amount of effort and energy you put forth. Whether you are unloading boxes from a truck in the middle of summer or shovelling snow for the elderly, you need to have enthusiasm and drive for what you're doing
• DEPENDABILITY: This is crucial for non-profit organisations, can they count on you when you agree to volunteer. Your reputation and accountability reflect on your daily life, not just when you are volunteering
• PUNCTUALITY: Be on time, others are counting on you. Don't be one that feels they don't have to be on time because you're not getting paid, then you're volunteering for all the wrong reasons




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