Friends of Greenspaces

About this job:

Friends of Greenspaces are groups of local people who work in partnership with their local authority to improve the management of their local green space such as a Local Nature Reserve or park. In Hertfordshire many of these have been established by and receive ongoing support from the Countryside Management Service (CMS).

Groups can take on a range of activities supported by CMS, such as:

  • Producing ideas on the management of the site.
  • Holding practical tasks, walks and events on their site for local people.
  • Helping their local authority to develop, implement and monitor site management plans.
  • Access external funding for improvements on the site such as play area equipment, benches or a walking trail.

The purpose of Friends groups is to encourage local pride and create a focus for community involvement and ‘ownership’, as well as provide an opportunity for local people to gain new and transferable skills through training workshops.





How to apply:

Contact your local Friends of Greenspaces group for more information

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The Countryside Management Service works with communities in Hertfordshire to help them care for and...

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